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Monday August 10th 2020

BVCP details

The BVCP, at its essence, is an agreement between its signatories – the County Commissioners and the City Council. The fundamental provisions in it require the City to get the agreement of the County (called 4 Body Review, as it includes the Council, the city Planning Board, the Commissioners and the County Planning Commission) to annex land that is not within the City’s “service area,” called Area II in the Plan.  (Area II currently contains only a very few parcels, the most significant of which is the Hogan-Pancost piece next to the East Boulder Community Center.)  The Plan specifies a process through which these annexations can happen, and limits the movement of parcels into Area II to once every five years.  Area III – Planning Reserve, the land that could be moved into Area II,  is across US 36 northeast of the current city, although this could be expanded by mutual agreement. The rest of the Boulder Valley is in Area III – Rural Preservation, and off limits, at least for the moment. As part of this relationship, the County agrees to not allow urban development outside the city limits.